Simeon A. Warren

Simeon A. Warren the "Queens Mason" having worked stone for Buckingham Palace, the pinnacle of a masons career, he came to America and developed a new education system (American College of the Building Arts) to train craftspeople in traditional and contemporary traditional building skills revitalizing the skills necessary to develop a sustainable future in our built environment. Presently Warren is developing a number of major projects as well as building his private practice in stone carving and conservation. 

S. A. Warren & Daughters:

Welcome to the Warren: Work.Passion.Legacy 

“3 Rabbits in a Warren” Symbol is the living symbol of Family nurturing between generations in a cycle of Growth (Future Potential) and Reclamation (Past Renewed). This symbol represents Family working together and goes to the heart of the work produced by Simeon A. Warren.

The Stone People: Norman Senior and Norman Jr (Norma) the characters who started the search for the Stone People and Masters 

Masters, Inspiration & Passions: Inspiration comes in many forms and sometime we just need a little guidance from our family, friends, mentors or forefathers. He also need to promote those who are making a difference in this world.

S. A. Warren & Daughters. Showcases work done by Simeon A. Warren. He presently takes on small stone carving and conservation commissions and generally works with clients who wish to create something that is vanishing or does not exist.

Historically the title, A.Warren & Daughters, reflects his family history. His Great Grandfather Albert Warren set up a business and named it A.Warren and Sons. Simeon's father and grandfather continued to build this business, a plumbers merchant, alongside other family members, until it was sold in the early 2000.

In 1976 Simeon's father set off on a journey to become a Church of England Priest and led Simeon inexorably to arrive in Charleston SC. USA where he now spends the majority of his time working stone and teaching. As a father of two young ladies S.A.Warren & Daughters is a way to honor my family history, my Father & Grandfather and reflect my own wonder at the future potential of two wonderful Daughters (whatever their path will be).


The Stone People. The Stone People is Simeon's major long term research and public art project and showcases his search to understand and expand the historical knowledge of the Master Masons of the great English Cathedrals and create a narrative which combines history, sculpture and some unknown mythology which needs to be revealed.

He is a focusing his research on the period between 1235 and 1300 and more specifically 1280-95 between the period that Lincoln Cathedrals Great Angel Choir was built and the creation of the Eleanor Crosses commerating the death of Eleanor, Edward the first wife. The crosses literally connect Lincoln Cathedral with Westminster Abbey.

The expected completion date on this project is Fall 2041 (The 800 anniversary of Eleanor of Castile Birth and time for me to retire at 71)


Masters, Inspiration & Passions. This area of my site will showcase where I have been inspired from and highlight those individuals who I beleive are creating something of worth in this world. You will be able to find people within art, craft and the building industry who have a skill, passion or product that I believe  is worth talking about.